Concerned by the environment, we promote energy saving, organic and local as well as short circuits productions.

Electric vehicle

Renault Zoé used for daily travels
Free charging station available (type 3C connection from 2 to 7Kw and standard connection)


Wood boiler ( logs and pellets ), mainly use of pine heads lost for the industry.

Wall insulation panels Excelsior.

Roof insulation with locally produced hemp wool (

Use of environmentally friendly interior paints (

Recent double glazed windows, old entry doors renovated.

Ventilation with heat recovery.

Use of natural detergents ( 90% ).

Water saving toilets.

Energy saving light bulbs.

Low consumption Wifi router.

Park and waste

Part of mowing the park is naturally carried by dwarfs sheep.

Protection of species in place: squirrels, hedgehogs, lérots, raptors, birds, amphibians ...

No use of chemical fertilizers.

No use of chemical herbicides.


Selective waste sorting.

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